Flixtape Episode 25 – Deep Blue Sea 

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Remember that time that LL Cool J was a cook on a secret underwater shark experimental? Yep, we review “Deep Blue Sea” this week

Catch up on Flixtape!

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“Flixtape,” hosted by Dustin Spencer and myself, is a podcast that focuses on movies available on Netflix, as well as what ever other topics have piqued our interests.

Being friends for over 10 years (closer to 15 years really!), Dustin and I have come to realize that we can discuss virtually anything, with the conversations retaining some entertainment value! 

You can listen to Flixtape HERE, on ITunes or your favorite podcast app! Please be sure to leave a review! 


ANON The Griot is an artist on the truest sense. No one particular label defines his craft: emcee, poet, actor, painter, all-around-wordsmith. 

Directed by Dan Hunter of Yellow Trigger Films, “Nothing Greater” is the first visual from his debut album, “A Beautiful Headache.” Joining The Griot on the record are fellow Divine Suns Plex Long, Diligent, and frequent collaborator Vere. I absolutely love the concept and execution!

“Trouble” is not only the latest music video from our group, Divine Suns, but it is also the most recent music video that I’ve edited and co-directed (shouts to The HunchPunch Champ). Sometimes you just want an in-your-face performance by emcees!

“Indignation” – Divine Suns 

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“Indignation” is a very heartfelt song, and was the perfect launching point for the first lyric video by the Divine Suns (as well as the first lyric video that I have edited) 

Featuring artwork by Infinite, and production by Encornelious, this record really resonates with my soul! Enjoy! 

Directed by Dan Johns, “What’s Wrong” is the visual of an artist (Queen Brick) addressing her relationahip issues through her music. 

“No Debatin That” music video

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I am proud to present the new music video for “No Debatin That.” I want to send a special thank you to jonyfraze, who produced and added cuts to the record. He even took the time to shoot his own scenes for the video!

And a special shout out to my guest stars Akshun, and Tawan & Docta Lock of The Krew.

Hip Hop is “Endangered”

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Today mendangered 5x5 inchesarks the release of my new album, “Endangered.” Initially, this project was to be my production album, featuring vocal contributions from my extended musical family and frequent collaborator, hard-working artists that I am proud to call my brethren (Mag-O’s Akshun, and fellow Divine Suns Plex Long, ANON The Griot, The HunchPunch Champ, Trice Be Phantom Magnetiq, Detroit’s own Finale, Black Box ENT’s FACE The Truth & SK The K.I.D.) lend their voic
es to the message of “Endangered.” And while I am the project’s primary producer, treats from Encore, jonyfraze, and MadSci help define the distinct sound of the album. (Special
s (with the occasional guest verse from yours truly). However, as things started to develop, “Endangered” became a hybrid of a Dan Johns production album, and a solo album. My brother Plex Long probably described it best, saying “this is your ‘Dynasty’ album.”

Several dopethanks to WLPWR of Supahotbeats and Chris Hanebutt) DJ Stylz and the aforementioned jonyfraze represent for the DJ’s, skillfully adding cuts to several tracks.

Visuals for the album’s lead single, “No Debatin That,” and a couple of other songs are in the works, and will be released very soon.

Your continued support is very much appreciated. Endangered is available on all major digital retailers now, including Bandcamp (where you can pay what you want), Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, and Google Play.

Divine Suns, the collective that I’m proud to be a part of, presents “Waiting,” the lead single from the new album, “Conscious & Cadillac.” this one is something to ride to!

Song Title: Black Magnum (REMIX)

Artist: Divine Suns (ft Akshun, FACE The Truth & DJ Stylz)

Song Produced by: Dan Johns

Video Directed by: The Hunch Punch Champ

Family biz, like we passed the flow on to our kids.

Video Description: Brotherhood is cool again. Black masculinity is cool again. Family first is officially cool again. If you let the Divine Suns tell it, it never went out of style. So, for the remix to the staccato-hooked Black Magnum, (original on Chaos Theory, remix on inCOREporated) crew love and family ties are on full display.

The Hunch Punch Champ makes his solo directorial debut by keeping things simple and precise. The settings— inauspicious and unpretentious: basketball courts, stairs, and city squares. The shots— intentionally modest back-to-back rotations that seem like subliminal shout-outs to the buddy cop/comedy genre of the 80’s. The content: three pairs of emcees reppin their respective crews and/or cities, passing the torch to each other like the dutchie of Musical Youth. Magnum Opus, Black Box, and Divine Suns.

The Suns make it abundantly clear that they will always be talking about and speaking from Hip Hop. DJ Stylz cuts the record with his fingernail. Akshun and FACE The Truth are agile and seasoned, passing the baton to Dan Johns and Plex Long with the greatest of ease. Then there’s ANON The Griot and The Hunch Punch Champ sharing the spotlight with a boom box, sons, and nephews. No façade. Just real-life rap.

The remix even pays tribute to the original by cutting in scenes of Plex Long running like the best-dressed track star ever, Jarian Rich as the cool other guy, and Diligent; playing either Vincent or Jules (you pick), from the Pulp Fiction inspired video.

In conjunction with their new album, inCOREporated, Divine Suns present webeautifulpeople.com. Click the link and customize BEAUTIFUL apparel for yourself and your loved ones.

Black Magnum (Remix) can be found on Divine Sun’s, inCOREporated. Be sure to check iTunes, Google Play Store, Pandora, and Spotify for new releases, classic material, and exclusives.